Discover a whole new way to practice, play & have fun

With state-of-the-art golf flight tracking technology and comprehensive data analysis, TrackMan Range will revolutionise the way you practice – and transform your golfing journey.

The TrackMan Range radar is based on the TrackMan 4 technology used by more or less every top 100 Professional Golf Touring Player.

Use what the professionals use!

Refine your swing, boost your accuracy and achieve consistent results.

Key Features Include:

Precise Shot Analysis with radar-based tracking technology

  • Accurate insights into club speed, ball speed, launch angle, spin rate + more. Make targeted adjustments and develop a more consistent powerful swing

Real-Time feedback

  • Each shot is instantly analysed and displayed so you can make timely corrections, experiment with different techniques and see results immediately

Virtual Golf Courses & Challenges

  • Integration of virtual golf courses provides an immersive environment to stimulate different playing conditions. Practice on renowned courses, join challenges, participate in fun games and compete against your friends

Customised Practice Programs

  • Using comprehensive shot data from previous and current practice sessions, access personalised training programs to address your individual strengths, weaknesses and goals. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned golfer, optimise your training time and accelerate your progress, to unlock your full potential

Data Tracking and monitoring

  • Track your progress over time, compare different practice sessions and identify trends or areas to focus on. Access key learnings for future development and training strategies
TrackMan Range player with golf bag
TrackMan Range three players in one bay
TrackMan Range iron with range ball
TrackMan Range female golfer celebrating
TrackMan Range screen with data tiles

Download the App!

Download the app for even more features!

In order to save your shot data for ball analysis you need to download the app and create a user profile.